Christmas Message From The Former Vita Cortex Workers On Sit-In Protest

We would like to send Christmas greetings to all, especially those who have supported our cause over the last two weeks. It has been a great source of strength to us to know that people from all over Ireland and further afield are so supportive of our action.We remain committed to our current course of action until we achieve a jus…t settlement. At this time of the year it is hard to beaway from your loved ones but we feel that we are standing up for our families It is with humble respect for the overwhelming support shown by you “the ordinary members of the public” that we wish you from the bottom of ourhearts a Happy and Peaceful Christmas. May you and your loved ones enjoy thiswonderful day with hope for a better future from all of us at VITA CORTEX


2 thoughts on “Christmas Message From The Former Vita Cortex Workers On Sit-In Protest

  1. Thinking and parying for all the workers at Vita Cortex……..hang in there guys!
    from the Doherty family in Australia

  2. We are thinking of you in soladarity! My husband and more than 400 hundred others are walking their picket line as his company (Electromotive London,Ont Canada) demanded 50% pay cut and slashing of all benefits. Many were verging on retirement and now the company has given them a letter stating they are “ceasing operations” after locking them out since Jan 1 2012.We believe there is more going on here,but as Catepillar is their newly owned parent company there will certainly be no truth…I cannot imagine what you are all going through,it as you can see it does not depend on the number of workers effected,but in the greed from the owners.They often forget it its the workers that make the company.Unfortunately there is more of our stories all around the world,we must all stand and be heard! It is hard to beleive that we have to give and give to these companies,but now have to fight for what is right,I cannot beleive this is 2012,it feels like the 1920’s. Keep strong and fight the good fight,know that you are not alone!

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