The Protest Blog is Now Live!

Hi Folks,

Welcome to our campaign protest blog. Here, we intend to post articles written by the workers about their personal experiences during the sit-in. We hope that this site will help to spread the word about the reasons behind our campaign. We also hope that the blog will provide another way for people to engage with us and get to know us a bit better.

Please bear with us as we update and add to the site.  Stay tuned for more 🙂


37 thoughts on “The Protest Blog is Now Live!

  1. Keep it going untill the greedy basta-d gives ye what entitlements are due.. He made millions of your back over the years, all his family are set up nicely so now it Feck you and good bye… Not likely my mean friend all of us are right behind the workers. Together we win united we stay the end is not far away… Stay strong my friends..

  2. Our thoughts are with you in our house and your struggle got a special mention at our x-mas dinner. Solidarity & love from all the family in our house in North Dublin, and a special message of solidarity is sent from our son and brother in Australia.

    An injury to one is an injury to all. Everyone who matters, the ordinary people of this island, support you.

  3. You all have our love a support. It’s great to see people stand up for this elves against the big guns. X well done. X we are right there with you all. X

  4. Our thoughts are with you n your families. Keep up your bravery . . .its men n women like you allowed us to have our rights in our country! Its just a pity we don’t have more people like you and take to the streets or have an all out strike in solidarity with all working class that state has and continues to persecute! Stay strong!

  5. Stay strong folks, your struggle is highlighting so many issues that are making so many people suffer in our society, you have great support from ordinary decent people and i hope when this protest ends favourly for you all your actions can be used as an example to all those being oppressed and squeezed dry by business’s and the goverment in this ‘democratic’ country of ours, where we all suffer equally according to our not so glorious leader.

  6. good luck to you all .. fair dues for taking a stand and standing up for yourselves … i wish you all the very best .. Jackie Daly

  7. Other unions need to threaten solidarity strike action if your case is not sorted out quickly. it’s time the shop stewards of ireland woke up and started fighting back like you are. you are a model to workers everywhere. Thanks .

  8. Herr once again we see the normal working person suffering surely the goverment needs to step in and insure that these workers get the redundancy that they are entitled to after all Enda Kenny has no problem giving bonuses to his advisors bankers etc

  9. Our thoughts are with you all as we sit around our table as hopefully you all do. You not alone just not with us in body but all our thought’s are with you ALL. Keep well

  10. In solidarity lads and ladies. Thanks for sticking up for what is right. We are all behind you. Stay strong and sit-in.

  11. you all remain there bring in your families you neighbours and friends. Don’t let them ruin your new year. Have nice party and dont turn off the lights or heating.All our support from us on Merseyside Graham

  12. keep up the good work, keep strong, keep your case top of the public agenda, sorry can’t come to the protest tomorrow but my heart is with you every step of the way.

  13. Best of luck to you all lads – am thinking and praying for you and your families every day. Worked with ya Greg in my days in Cascade, had some good laughs. Am behind you all 100%

  14. WOW WOW WOW….ye r some people, with great family…….to stand up and be counted…..well done……and keep going… proud of ye… all goes well for ye …….thoughts and prayers r with ye always xxx

  15. First I would like to express my Disgust at the way yee are being treated,yee have Been so loyal
    to Yeer company over many many year’s,At the end of the day,yee are only a number within any
    company,no matter what Employment you are in,as i have found out with different Employer’s over my year’s in employment,(I am now retired),I Feel myself that the ”Trade Union”,are very Slow in Taking Action on Ye’er Behalf,I think now they have to be seen to Act,because of all the
    Publicity that yee are generating,and may i say ”Well done”,to Yee all,and no matter how uncomfarable it may come to yee hang in there and get ye’er ”Entitlements”.yee certainly have my ”SUPPORT”,and if there is Anything i can do,Please Let me know,I would add however,is not
    to let Ye’er Guard down,as from reading the paper’s,they are desperate to get goods Etc out of
    the ”Factory”,that is ye’er ”Bargaining Tool”,and a very ”Powerful”,one it is.Just Remember Yee
    are”PROUD CORK REBELS”,Don’t let Ye’er selves be walked on,Hang in There,and get ye’er
    Rights,I can only Imagine it must be Very Hard and Tiresome,to be hanging Around,but if yee Walk away now Without Getting Anything,Other unscrupulous Employers will Do the same to Their Employee’s,As yee know only too well now,Workers are Being Abused Left Right And centre

    • Following on from above,From my Wife And family,Good Luck to yee all,
      ”Stay United”,Stand up for Ye’er Right’s,no matter how long it Take’s.
      And a very Happy New Year to one And All.
      Pat Boyd. Mahon,
      P.S. Have Yee Still Got Electricity Etc.Etc.God Bless?.

  16. it is always the same thing. Employers will always try to pull a fast one. it does not matter who you work for. If you let them get away with this, it will open the doors for other employers to do the same thing. So everyone out there must stick together as this could happen to anyone of us. Back the Vita Cortex workers. We all have to fight back now.

  17. For evil to prosper all it takes is for good men/women to remain silent. You are a role model for all the social injustice that has been inflicted on the ordinary worker in this country and we will support you to the end.

    Marie Barry – SIPTU member

    • Hi to everyone,each and every Person,First i would like to Say ”HANG IN THERE”,And If It’s for
      The long haul,be positive In Ye’er Attitude,Yee Don’t have to Be Reminded,That Yee Have
      Tremendous Support From All around the ”WORLD”,and the Country,And Especially Your Own
      ”Corkonians”,Yee ARe ”PROUD REBEL’S”,Ye’er Only Fighting For What yee are Entitled To,I Am A Pensioner,As Is My Wife,And We Are so Proud Of You all Sticking To-Gether,Which We Can Quite Well Imagine,Being away From Family Etc,Can bring Tensions Within Yeerselves,and Cause People to Question,Should We Or I Keep Going,I Shouldn’t Have To Answer ThatQuestion,Remain Positive,And Be Focused On the end Result,Which will Be In Ye’er Favour.I Know At This Stage It Must Be so Monotinus,Especially At Night,And More So At Week-End’s,And i Suppose in A ”Cold Factory”,You Start Asking Questions,about Comforts Etc,But Thats Negative,Consentrate On The Positive.Yee Are Fantastic People,And What’s Been Done To Yee Is a Disgrace.Good Night And God Bless To You All.(Be Positive).Pat And Ann Mahon.
      Is a Disgrace,There Should Be a Protest March Through Our City,Showing Support and Solidarity
      With Yee.If This Employer Gets Away With This Situation,With His Many Properties,and
      Companies,And His Horsey And high life,I’ve being Saying It for Year’s,Our So Called Politicians,

  18. i hate to be a damper on the sit in….remember we voted yes for the lisbon treaty the unions sold ye out with that…. people should have read what we voted for instead of been worried about the debt that they got themselves into….now in this year watch the deck of cards folding, any and every business bailing themselves out at the workers expensive. quiet money is what ye are chasing now so ye need to be roaring statutory plus 1,2,3 etc weeks. Just remember they are not going to give a tax payer a lump sum any more the government have plans for your tax euro. Not you getting a handy few 1000 to go to Spain, but putting you in a situation that you will work the same as our neighbors the eastern Europeans ….Please use this exploitation to do a lesson learn to what u are dealing with. How many time must this kinda shit happen to wake up…Remember Irish ferries, Donovan’s meats, cleaners in odlums etc…ye are not alone..

  19. Until someone sits it out we are all out. Don’t know the details but from what I read this company thinks it can just walk away leaving it staff to drown. Well this will not happen all your commitment is now being voiced all over the world. Not just yours but so many more PEOPLE with lives are demanding what’s there’s. Keep it up. We may not be there but we are all here watching listening and supporting. Just ask and we will. ALL keep well

  20. The University of Limerick Branch of Unite wish to congratulate you on the stance you have taken to obtain your rightful redundancy payments. It must be difficult for those of you maintaining the continuous sit-in at Vita Cortex and also for your families and loved ones at home. We salute you and wish you well with your campaign. Your courage and determination are a wonderful example to those who may find themselves in similar situations. You are an inspiration to workers everywhere.

    • Hi Robert,was out with my family yesterday,and we were very honoured to be part of a very large gathering in showing our support in a very small way out at ye’er plant,I know it can’t be easy
      for yee and ye’er families to be enduring the sort of treatment that
      yee are been subjected to,but hang in there,and show that rebel
      spirit,please god,with that meeting on tuesday,there will be a
      positive result,in ye’er favour,yee know at this stage yee have an
      awful lot of support in the city and country,and around the world,
      yee will be all writing best sellers when this nightmare is all over,
      my family and i are very proud of yee for making ye’er stand,for
      what in the end is ye’er entitlements,against the corruption that is
      rife among our politicians,bankers,constuction employers,and of
      course we have a prime example of what’s happening as yee only
      know to employee’s who have no protection against unscrupulous

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