Family is what keeps us fighting: thoughts from day 12 of the sit-in

So here we are on day twelve. We have been sitting around the office here the last few days watching the messages of support flood in on Facebook and have been truly touched and motivated to continue this fight. One of the most moving messages was from Marguerite O Flaherty whose father Tadgh Hassett was a well loved worker here in the 70s and 80s. He died while still employed here and Marguerite remembers fondly the support she and her siblings received from his colleagues and friends in Cortex after his death, including gifts on the first Christmas after his death. It struck me how like a family the workers were then, just like we are now. We have been to each others weddings, children’s weddings, christenings and events over the years. I remember the Cortex contingent spending the night on the dance floor with my family at my 50th birthday. The Cortex girls even presented me with a mug and a t-shirt with a picture of themselves on it as a gift! The relationships and care that the Cortex family have for each other has not changed over the years since Tadgh’s day. In fact retired/ former workers like Jim Kenneally, Eleanor Murphy, Eoin Newman, Tom Daly, Dan McSweeney and Marta Dennehy, to name but a few, come in daily to lend support, bring food (and old videos and photos in Jim’s case) and stand with us.

Greg Marshall at his 50th birthday party

We sat here like a family for the last 12 days looking out for each other, we celebrated Christmas mass together with our extended families. Our partners, children and grandchildren have visited us every day and we had a family Christmas in the strangest of circumstances. When Amy and Chloe were born yesterday we rejoiced like a family, because that is what we are, a family. Even more importantly we are doing this for our extended families and that, along with the ongoing support from the public is what keeps us fighting.

Greg Marshall is one of 32 workers on the sit-in at the Vita Cortex Factory, Kinsale Rd, Cork.


9 thoughts on “Family is what keeps us fighting: thoughts from day 12 of the sit-in

  1. that was absolutly lovely greg and family is what we all are even i count ye as my family, i mean the second i could walk i was in and out of cortex most weeks. your like an uncle to me and a very important member of our family ye all are. i wish and pray for the best outcome to this awful situation for all my family immediate and extended. all our love x

  2. hi Greg.

    you are so right, we were all like a big happy family, down the years , yes we had our ups and downs, fights, and frictions, but through it all we all survived, tg, and now we are even stronger and are here to give all the support ye need,

  3. To all at vita cortex I wish you well and the strength to carry on. A dear friend of ours Michael “Barney” O’Leary worked with yourselves and as a child I remember all his stories from Cortex. Every best wish.

  4. Cork Taxi Council are supporting Vita Cortex workers in Cork who already have spent Christmas day
    on a sit in within the factory fighting for their rights. It is now coming into the new year and they are still
    at the sit in. We are asking all taxi reps to support the Vita Cortex workers. There are alot of men amd women
    who have put a great number of years and alot of service into this company. if this company gets away with this it opens the gates for alot of others companies to do this to their employees.
    Please support the Cork Vita Cortex workers

  5. To all our old friends in VC cork.sorry we cant be there to support yous in person.we hope you get what you deserve sooner rather than later.happy new year Patrick and Michelle Nolan

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