Noam Chomsky Supports Cork’s Vita Cortex Workers

Noam Chomsky

World renowned theorist and writer Noam Chomsky has sent a message of support to the Vita Cortex workers describing their struggle as ‘courageous’ and ‘honourable’. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) professor and author of acclaimed works such as Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (with Edward Herman) and Pirates and emperors, old and new: international terrorism in the real world heard of the worker’s situation through the The Support Vita Cortex Workers online campaign.

The text of the message is as follows:

To the workers of Vita Cortex, Cork, Ireland.

I have just learned of your struggle and occupation, and your determination to carry on in the face of suffering and repression — and the unconscionable failure of the state to act on its responsibilities to you and other working people, symptomatic of all too much that is happening around the world today.  I hope that your courageous and honorable actions will be a model that will inspire others as well to act instead of succumbing passively, and wish you the greatest success in this just and crucial campaign for basic rights.

Noam Chomsky

Professor Chomsky is also known as a political activist suspicious of big media, big  business and big government.


7 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky Supports Cork’s Vita Cortex Workers

  1. He’s also the most well know anarchist of the day, and he meets up with Irish anarchists of Workers Soldarity Movement when he’s in Ireland.Really nice guy and all about the workers self management!

  2. Again wowsers,no other word for it really,well deserved cortex workers,Mary Robinson,Noam Chomsky,you think the crooks are getting nervous,they should be,much too public for their liking ,they may just have to do the right thing this time cos they messed with the wrong folks in cork ,whoo hoo what a day for ye.xo new York.

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  4. Victory to the Vita Cortex Workers
    Their srtuggle is the struggle of ever person in Ireland who is in employment.
    What we are seeing here is a move by management with the support of he most right wing Government here since the Civil Arr 1922-24 to attack workwers rights. The Ujnions need to act in solidarity, Vita Cortex Workers today, me and you tomorrow.
    The Cork Council of Trades Unions has to take a more forward approach to all of this.
    Cork City & Cork Airport has to be shut down in a Shut Down in support of the workers, otherwise nothing will be done

  5. As a Cork person, I delight in the burgeoning activism in Cork now and wanted to record my total approval of the Vita Cortex workers and the good sense and intelligence of their action. It’s critically important that people take action against the corporate anti-democracy currently so viral in the scarcity monopoly capitalist societies. We’ll have to see an end to it and that’s why the Vita Cortex workers must be supported alongside the activism on the Parnell Place end of Oliver Plunkett Street at the Cork City Community Resource Centre from this very hour on.

  6. A true intellectual and linguistic proffessor at MIT. This controversial but very well informed individual has thrown his weight in behind the Cortex workers.

    In my own humble opinion?…The Irish nation have repelled an occupying nation for over 800 years and repelled attacks by EVERY single European nation for millenia. WE were the first example of the European slave trade, when the African moors came and stole the inhabitants of an entire village in Cork. Yes…you heard…we were slaves to the Africans…and we managed to repel them from any further acts of tryrrany.

    now in a treasonous move by the Irish government, The people of Ireland have been sold out to the interests of big business and the entire nation has been put inder the yolk of slavery to foreign elites for centuries to come…

    It took just a few years and just a few of our own traitors in leadership to give away a beautiful country fought for for thousands of years by its inhabitants.

    They do not know the concept of shame

    you have my support 100%

    non illegitimi carborundum!

    (don’t let the ba**ards grind you down!)


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