A Short Response to Some of Today’s Spin

Firstly, the fact that Mr. Sean McHenry has finally decided to speak about the situation is to be welcomed but his perspective skewed.

He is quoted as saying in regards to the peaceful protest staged by some of the workers outside his home that “It’s not very pleasant for my wife and family. My wife won’t go outside the  house now, which is unfortunate. But we’ll get through it.”

Again, can we have some perspective please. Mr McHenry can not even begin to imagine how ‘unpleasant’ it has been for 32 workers to spend the last 41 days and nights living in a cold, damp and dreary factory because their rights are being denied. The workers spent Christmas and New Year’s away from their homes and their loved ones. Some of the workers have become ill and one is now in hospital. There is no need to go into detail on the stress and the pyschological impact this is having on the workers and their families. It is beyond ‘unpleasant’.

He is also quoted as saying in reference to the dispute “At the moment, I have no intention of doing anything about it.” Implying that the protest at his residence has caused him to deviate from some imagined course of proactivity to reach a resolution. This is absurd and clever play with words. He was doing nothing and he never expressed any intention of using his considerable influence to do anything about this dispute. The protest outside his home did not not knock him off some honourable course.

On a professional-level,Mr.McHenry is a director of the company. He remains a shareholder in the company and was at the company for 53 years. On a personal level, he is Mr.Ronan’s Father-in-Law. The combination of these two factors allows Mr.Henry considerable influence. Why then is he not using this influence to advise his son-in-law to do the decent and just thing by delivering a fair settlement?

Mr. McHenry’s commentary on Jack Ronan’s engagement with the LRC and NAMA amounts to somebody saying something without really saying anything! The fact that he choses to ignore the manoeuvre, made by Mr.Ronan, which effectively led to the collapse of the talks is expected but also telling. His selective referencing, on this matter, make his comments ring hollow.

Furthermore, there are comments in today’s press from other members of the McHenry family. In these comments it is suggested that we are being used or lead by sections of the media and politicians for their own ends. Firstly, we know our own minds and we know very well the nature and dynamics of this situation. There is nothing to be gained by suggesting anything else.

If we have been used as pawns or hostages it has been by the company owners.


5 thoughts on “A Short Response to Some of Today’s Spin

  1. The action ye guys have taken over the last few days has at long last created a response, so guys there lies the answer. Do what ever ye have to do, take the fight to the boss, ye have put a lot of time into Vita Cortex, As Mr McHenry said basically ye are decent bunch, how nice of him to say. I would say after 42years service ye are the most loyal workers anywhere. Guys just stick together and do what you have to do, like everybody else im in your corner. KEEP THE FAITH.

  2. So McHery’s wife won’t go outside the door because of a peaceful protest and not because she has been shamed by the skulduggery of her son in law and the inaction of her husband. It just goes to show that these despicable excuses for human beings are all cut from the same cloth. Shame on you McHenry.

  3. Hello and best wishes to the workers at Vita Cortex,

    Can I ask about the 32 workers involved in the sit-in. From the Late Late show and news coverage and the Dail protest, it seems that some of the workers would be close to retirement but others would be in their 20s and would have a working life ahead of them.

    How many of the workers would still be of working age?

    What is happening with finding new work, does the sit-in stop that?

    Can people claim unemployment or other benefits whilst engaged in the sit-in?

    Whatever happened to the business of moving equipment from the Cork plant to other plants. Was that all above board? Is anyone investigating the finances of the Vita Cortex group?

    You all captured the hearts of the nation with losing your jobs on the eve of Christmas, but if there really is no money left and the owners are not willing to put in their own money, does the continuing protest prevent people getting on with their lives?

    Sorry if this sounds unsupportive or negative, I honestly think what has happened is dreadful and to see dignified people, especially those who have worked their entire lives with the company made redundant with only statutory redundancy 6-12 months away looks particularly cruel. Best wishes to you.

  4. I can only imagine the way you all feel out there in the cold tonight but please keep up the fight and dont let the FAT CATS in this country get away with ANY MORE dan they already have.Its an absolute disgrace what they are doing to you all in 2012. Shame on them.best of luck to ye.

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