“I salute your refusal to accept what is an obvious injustice.” – Cillian Murphy.

Cillian Murphy expressed his admiration for courage the Vita Cortex Workers


Hollywood film star and proud Corkonian, Cillian Murphy, has sent a letter of support to the former workers of Vita Cortex. The actor sent his message of solidarity, to the workers on sit-in at the factory in his native city, following contact with the Support The Vita Cortex Workers Online Campaign. The full text of the letter is as follows:

To the Vita Cortex Workers,

Cillian Murphy here.

For whatever its worth I really just wanted to pass on my admiration to you all for the courage and commitmment you are displaying in your sit-in. To everyone following this situation from the outside it is more than clear that you have right on your side and that what you are highlighting is hugely important to us all as a nation.  As a fellow Corkonian with stubborn tendencies, I salute your refusal to accept what is an obvious injustice. I wish ye strength.

 Fair play to ye all…Up Cork




6 thoughts on ““I salute your refusal to accept what is an obvious injustice.” – Cillian Murphy.

  1. Fantastic stage and screen actor ,great to have you on board Cillian ,pitch it as a movie of strength to the Hollywood execs Cillian,you sure are our leading man today sir.Much appreciated by the families and supporters of these workers in their fight against gangsters,good story line eh? .Thank you Cillian Murphy for taking care of your own.

  2. May I congratulate the man on his decision to back the worlds most under covered story by a mass media bent on burying it in the annuls of forgotten history while it has spread the globe like wildfire reaching some of the worlds greatest intellectuals and freethinkers who all offer solidarity to a cause of downtrodden human rights. The time has come to let the Elites know.

    “we are the people united and your time of fraud and deception is reaching an end”

  3. Let your struggle and campaign get stronger and stronger. While the McHenry’s grow older and more disgraced worldwide. What sort of Christians are they at all ? turning up for Sunday service at Ballinlough Church and receiving the body of Christ into their greed and gout filled bodies. While laughing and joking with their so called friends, looking down on the rest of us. Makes you wonder if there is a god there at all. Their turn will come too, the sooner the better. What goes around comes around.

  4. My support to you all from Pakistan. What you all are protesting against is total injustice, pity it has happened to thousands of families in my country and those people are left so afraid that any protest is completely discouraged.I sincerely hope you succeed in your cause!

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