Noam Chomsky continues his support for the Vita Cortex Workers

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomksy has reiterated his support for the former workers of Vita Cortex. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor sent the protesting workers a letter in January in which he called their stance ‘courageous’ and ‘honourable’. In a further communication recieved by the Support the Vita Cortex Workers Online Campaign the renowned theorist and philosopher continued his championing of the cause of the workers. The full text of the message is as follows:

I understand that the occupation of Vita Cortex is continuing, and that negotiations have not yet succeeded.  I would just like to express, again, my support for your struggle – not just for yourselves, but for everyone who looks forward for a better world.

 Noam Chomsky



2 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky continues his support for the Vita Cortex Workers

  1. Fantastic,wow mr Ronan you really have no shame.Thankyou mr Chomsky ,deeply appreciated by the families of these workers,you are a champion for human rights and your support is humbling and uplifting.

  2. NO mr Ronan has no shame what so ever cos if he had he wud hav paid up b4 now……i just cannot believe that you are all still in that factory and but the look of things you are no NEARER getting the monies owed to ye than ye wer at the start its an absolute disgrace……..only thing i can say is keep goin ye hav carried on through all the winter so please dont give up now……..the ordinary ppl are with ye all.

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