It has been a privilege and a great honour for me to have shared 100 days of moments

After one hundred days looks of steely determination adorn unshaven faces, fortified glances of singular purpose flash from tired eyes whilst strength of mind and gritty resilience dominate the canteen as one shift replaces the previous.

One hundred unforeseen days and one hundred unimaginable nights of physical and psychological imprisonment have imposed themselves on workers who have already toiled over decades to create profits for others. Their expectations were meagre and they anticipated nothing more than was the precedent in that company; they assumed nothing more than what was promised.


Ann joins Denny and Greg on the night shift in solidarity

This was a viable company. At a time of mammoth unemployment in an era where many businesses cannot survive, it is a factual but pessimistic realisation that this company could have continued to employ workers and serve demanding customers.

This is not merely about the point nine. This is about principle. It is about respecting one specific group of employees; it is about honouring an agreement. Moreover it is about the implications of the outcome of this case for all other workers in the state.

Tremendous support from the public continues to be overwhelmingly impressive. So much kindness continues to pour abundantly into the factory in limitless forms. This benevolent compassion has intensified the resolve of the workers – they persist to protest with an unflagging and unfaltering steadfastness which can only be respected and commended.

The unity of the group remains exceptionally solid and robust; direct honesty governs all
interactions. The consequence of such communication is an extremely unified group of people, each with a profound consciousness of morality and fairness. There is a remarkable sense of oneness as the entire troop is so well co-ordinated in every aspect of their crusade.

It has been a privilege and a great honour for me to have shared many moments of the past one hundred days with inspiring incredible people in their most unfavourable and unpleasant predicament.

Ann Piggott, teacher in Kenmare Community College, CCTU President and Vita Cortex Workers Supporter writes about her experience with the workers 100 days in. Her views are her own.


One thought on “It has been a privilege and a great honour for me to have shared 100 days of moments

  1. Huge thanks to Ann Piggott,another beautifully worded piece ,a true air of lightness,positivity and determined will, follows her into the canteen along with many others,sincere thanks Ann from the families.

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