Your courageous stand is an amazing inspiration to the rest of us who actually give a damn about what kind of society we want

To the VC32,

I really wish I wasn’t writing this post on this the 100th day of your occupation of the Vita Cortex factory but I wanted to mark it with a few words. Good to see you are still ‘keeping her lit’ but by right you should be at home in the bosom of your families with your feet up and savoring your victory over the corporate greed of the arrogant reckless Ronan and his associates. I am sure that that day will come soon and I am delighted to read your newsflash and see things are progressing a bit. I believe your courageous stand and your struggle for your human rights and for justice is an amazing inspiration to the rest of us who actually give a damn about what kind of society we want in Ireland i.e one based on justice and equality.

A few weeks ago it was my privileged to travel to Cork with my cousin Teena to participate in the vigil at the VC factory. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the music, poetry and stories and appreciated your wonderful hospitality in the canteen. Nights like that have a tendency to stir people and refocus us on what is actually important in life, not superficial material ‘wants’ but on values such as solidarity, common decency and justice.


Una and Tomas with Martina and Alan after the vigil

On the spin down to Cork that Friday night we spoke a lot about what it must be like for you sitting in occupation, about the effect it must be having on you and your families and on your health and well-being. It brought to mind the similar struggle by our own Waterford Crystal workers some years ago. It was also our privilege then to support our family and friends who worked in Waterford Crystal and who also stood up to the bosses and the greedy shareholders.

We left Cork that night talking about Teena’s dad Peter O’Connor who, at a very young age, decided to go and fight Franco & the fascists in Spain. He was, and still is, a great inspiration to our family and to many people in Waterford and around the world.   Like you, he too took a stand, like you he said enough is enough & went and took action, He was with us that night in spirit, of that we are sure, and would probably have asked to stay with ye in the factory for the duration. Would that more of us had his and your courage to take on the injustices perpetrated by those in our society who are supremacists, who believe they have a divine right to walk all over people and who belong to that elite group who have in the past and continue to use, abuse and screw this country and its good people for huge personal gain and wealth. I hope the next few days will bring about a just result for ye and that you are home soon enjoying normal family life again. Both Teena and myself are very proud to be playing a small part in the campaign in solidarity with you all.   NO PASARÁN !

Úna Ryan

Úna Ryan from Waterford, a Vita Cortex workers supporter, writes her thoughts on Day 100. Her views are her own.


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