President Higgins Welcomes Vita Cortex Mediation Initiative

President Higgins hoping for equitable outcome

The President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, has expressed his hopes for a fair deal for the Vita Cortex workers now in the 117th day of their sit-in. The President’s Secretary-General, in a communication received by the Support the Vita Cortex Worker Online Campaign, stated

“..The President is very aware of the plight of the workers and is concerned for their welfare. He welcomes the ongoing process of dialogue involving the LRC and,in particular, the news that both sides to the dispute have now agreed to the establishment of a mediation panel under the chairmanship of Mr Kevin Duffy.

The President hopes that this mediation process will, within the shortest possible period, result in a just and equitable outcome for the Vita Cortex workers.”

The workers at the former foam manufacturing plant on the Kinsale Rd have welcomed the communication from the Office of the President. Jim Power, a worker with 42 years experience, said It is great that the we are in the thoughts of Mr. Higgins and that he has expressed his hope that we will all see justice soon. After 117 days it is amazing how strong the support of the public has become. People have stood with us and stuck by our side through it all. We hope that the forthcoming talks will achieve a fair solution. All the workers remain strong and united. It is extremely positive that both sides are willing to talk.We sincerely thank the President for sending us the message. It will mean so much to everybody in the factory.”




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